the myth of er

"The myth of Er says that we are all given a soul prior to coming to Earth. Before we´re born for the first time, we are given the ultimate purpose for the soul - to become a wise and kind spirit, full of life and knowledge that can be passed on and improved on with each life we live. Then we´re asked to choose a task to work on during the lifethat we are about to embark upon. The task we choose will help ful-fill our soul´s ultimate purpose.
After choosing the task, we are asked to choose all the aspects of our life, including the family we will be born into, the friends  and acquaintances we wish to come in contact with during the life, the pats we will encounter and even the animals we will live and work with. Once all of this has been decided. then and only then are we born into this world to begin our journey. The only thing - and this is the kicker - is that when we´re born we forget the entire process we just went trough. As we go through the life, we´re faces with the outcomes of all the choices we made prior to our birth. Some are difficult to face, some are not. But all are designed to help us achieve the task we choose for that particular life. We travel through the life, and eventually we pass away. When we die, our soul´s memory is regained and we get to assess how we did in the life we just lived. Did we complete our task? if not we can choose to come back and try again, following the same rules, if you will. If we complete the task we choose a different life and move on to the next task.

According to the myth it takes thousands of life-times to become perfect. And here´s were the myth gets a little foggy. Depending on the culture, different things can happen to the souls once it becomes perfect.

I have a little different theory about what happens once a soul finally becomes perfect. I think the perfect souls is given a chance to come back as a teacher for all those individuals still working thier way through thier tasks. But the catch is that this time they come back as an animal or insect. Now ofcourse I don´t have anu proof to back ths theory up, but of you think about it, cats might be here to help us learn to take life less seriously. houseflies may be here to teach us patience, and ant ti help teach us how to work together. Our dogs might be here to help us how to have fun chasing our wn tails. In fact if we look hard enough, I´ll bet we can learn something positive from just about every living thing on the planet"

- Mark Rashid, Lessons from a ranch horse

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